Interesting projects and important services to the independent consultant


John Ainscough works as an independent consultant for Ework Group. He says that Ework offers access to clients and projects who as an independent consultant he may not have immediate entry to. Ainscough continues: "They offer a seamless service to the consultant and client: search, commercial practicalities utilising a structured approach, checking references from previous engagements and allowing me to focus on the value and delivery for the client. The client benefits vice-versa too, knowing they have engaged a trusted, experienced professional who comes well recommended. The approach is quick, flexible and versatile. "

Ainscough enjoys the variety and flexibility, the responsibility to deliver the client's business objectives, achieve results and ensure the client's teams he works with have fun doing it. Moving between various organisations and sectors has enabled him to identify similarities in organisational culture, identify opportunity areas and establish a suitable approach to achieve the objectives - and propose others to increase the value provided to the client. Ainscough can also bring new ideas and best practices from other organisations and sectors that the client may not otherwise have discovered. Ainscough stated: "I wouldn't be able to provide all this had I remained an in-house employee and as such I believe they are two separate functions."

Independent consultants add value for the client

"I believe business is all about people", says Ainscough.  He enjoys keeping in contact and when possible meeting the Ework team, building relationships. He´s also articulating what he does and his value to the client. Sometimes clients fully understand the value independent consultants can provide and sometimes clients are not used to engaging with consultants and there's a positive challenge to build mutual trust, understanding, showing credibility and value. As an independent consultant it's always important to consider how you can add value.

 Ainscough tells that sometimes consultants can face competition and/or a perceived threat from in-house employees. This can especially be evident with transformational change projects, particularly with cost-reduction, consolidation or outsourcing focusses. It's down to him to build trust across the client's business.

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John Ainscough has been an independent consultant and interim for over 13 years and is based in Helsinki and London.



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