Being a consultant requires a change in mindset


Shakeel Tabassam works as an independent consultant for Ework Group. Cooperation with Ework has been good and transparent, he thinks. We asked him to share his thoughts about working in consulting, which you can read from this blog.

Before starting his career in consulting Shakeel Tabassam was a former Nokia-employee for 10 years. In 2010 he decided to start a career in consulting to try something different and to focus on his key skills and product development work.

Years in consulting have provided a set of different industries, roles, projects and experiences to Shakeel both in Finland and abroad. One of the benefits of being a consultant is the flexibility and possibility to transfer between roles and industries, Shakeel says.

Change in mindset

The biggest difference between working as a consultant and being employed is in the mindset, Shakeel thinks. As an internal employee you tend to look things more in a long-time perspective, and you might want to plan your career within the company. As a consultant the projects are in shorter terms, and you are working for a client, who is expecting expertise in the area. You need to know your role, Shakeel says. We are no there for the glory, we are here for the work.

Career in consultancy Shakeel recommends to everyone who are eager to learn and develop themselves. If you come from a permanent job, Shakeel advises you to keep open mind and be ready to adjust your mindset to the new circumstances. Flexibility is important. The recruitment process is different than in employment, and you have to show to the client that you are trustworthy. The most important thing is to meet the customer’s expectations.

Client network through consultant intermediaries

The consultant markets in Finland are smaller for English speaking consultants, but Shakeel is willing to travel for work and has found new assignments for himself easily through Ework and other consultant intermediaries. He sees consultant intermediaries as a good partner to get in touch with the clients. Although the Finnish straightforwardness might get a while to get used to, the people are very friendly and the cooperation is very transparent. It is good to have someone working on your behalf, Shakeel thinks.

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