Less time, more efficiency!

By Jenny Musial, 6. May 2022


"Less time, more efficiency", an interview with Eworks own IT gurus: Wojciech Oleksy, Managing Director at E-labs; Tomasz Dragosz, Software developer at E-labs; and Marcin Ciolczyk, Head of Development at E-labs. 

It all started as a test of quality and ability. The outcome was impressive and now, a couple of years later, E-labs – Ework’s IT development centre in Warsaw – is responsible for developing the company’s internal and external IT solutions.
The new system was launched in 2019. “But that doesn’t mean we’ve finished. We’ll continue to develop the client application to add more functions – and at the same time streamline our internal systems to help consultants
become even more efficient,” says Wojciech Oleksy, Managing Director at E-labs.

Poland is the country where the finest thing you can be is an engineer. There are many technical universities, a lot of international standard, and a high number of students in higher education. It is a fact that Poland has one of the besteducated populations in the EU. But Poles are not only well-educated, they also treasure their personal freedom, which means that being a consultant brings high status.
This is also an important reason why Ework chose to locate its centre for IT development in Warsaw, where a number of the country’s top IT minds have now been brought together within E-labs. The team also has skilled IT developers in both Sweden and Bosnia. The work is led by Wojciech Oleksy.

“From the very beginning, when
there were only five of us, we focused
on exploring how Ework can refine its
offering by means of new approaches
and new technology. Our ideas were
listened to, and since then we’ve grown
continuously. In parallel with the new
internal system, we’ve been working to
develop a client application in which
clients themselves can select and
appoint consultants*.”

The overarching goal for all of our research and development work is to produce systems that rationalise work and free up time, for Ework’s clients and consultants,” Wojciech Oleksy says.

Textbook example of remote working

E-labs is not just Ework’s think tank in the area of IT development, it is also a textbook example of an effective
remote workplace. When we visit E-lab’s “head office” in Warsaw, there are three employees on site — apart from Wojciech Oleksy and Marcin Ciolczyk, there is also
software developer Tomasz Dragosz, who is on a passing visit from Posznan, where he lives and works.

“I’m at my most efficient at four in
the morning, when I usually get up.
There aren’t many others who want to
work just then,” he says with a laugh.
“Personally, I view travelling to and
from work as a waste of time.
Now I have more time, both to work
and to be with the family,” Marcin Ciolczyk adds.

Even though Marcin Ciolczyk, who lives in Warsaw, spends some time in the office, he says that he also enjoys working from home.

Client system ready in 2019 Wojciech Oleksy admits that he,
as head of the business, was fairly stressed to begin with about not being able to control in detail what all the
employees were doing.

“But I’ve calmed down now. After all,
it’s all about the quality of the delivery.
If our employees work better and more
efficiently from home, and are also
happier and therefore perform better,
this is the best possible way of working.
And we’ve proved that it works.” Marcin Ciolczyk adds.

Ework now have employees who are in different parts of Poland. We also collaborate with experts in both
Stockholm and Sarajevo. But as we hold daily digital meetings, everyone’s very familiar with what their
colleagues are doing. All share information
and insights, and update each other about experiences and results. According to Tomasz Dragosz, there are many senior IT consultants who, just like him, have a requirement that
they must be able to work remotely.

“There’s competition for skilled IT
consultants. So this opportunity that
Ework offers, not needing to move to
the job but the job moving to you, is one
good way of attracting competence.
But you must have some experience
to be able to do this. As a junior, it’s best
to be at a workplace, picking up the
knowledge and procedures from your
more senior colleagues,” Tomasz Dragosz says.

The new client application was launched in 2019.

“But that doesn’t mean we’ve finished. We’ll continue to develop the client application to add more
functions, and at the same time streamline Ework’s internal systems to help the consultants become even more
efficient. There’s always something you can further improve when it comes to IT systems,” says Marcin Ciolczyk

For further questions, please contact Jesper Hendriksen, IT Director at jesper.hendriksen@eworkgroup.com