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Ework launches a new platform for consultants!


Ework launches a new supplier portal!

Ework has enjoyed tremendous growth as a company for many years and over time, Ework's business has thus developed. We had a coffee with Hampus Norén, who is the process leader in network development, he explained that the platform change is not only based on making it easier to sign up but also to further assure the quality of the matching process between clients and consultants ie. to ensure that a consultant will thrive and perform on a specific assignment.

We include soft skills in the process of matching consultants and clients

Fom the 27th of April and on, all of our assignments will be available in Supplier Portal rather than MyEwork as before. One of the main improvements using Supplier Portal is that the consultant profiles have evolved and now also includes soft skills, or Workstyles as Ework call it. 
In the same way that consultants want to do a good job at their assignments, companies want to be able to utilize the consultant’s full potential in order to create as much value as possible. Generally, it’s not what schools or what companies the candidate has on their CV that matters. The most valuable factor in the long run, has to do with the candidate’s skills and personal abilities. Therefore, soft skills are essential in assessing if a consultant is a good fit in the long run.
Workstyles is a tool for anyone looking to optimize their recruitment process. Also, Workstyles minimizes the risk of discrimination and overlooking interesting candidates. It has been scientifically proven that a consultant’s personal abilities have a significant effect on their own well-being and performance concerning specific assignments. As a direct answer to this we have felt it essential to add this dimension in a constructive way while matching consultants to assignments.
In order to add Workstyles to your profile, there are two tests that can be taken straight from the portal. One of these is a cognitive test, and the other a personality test. These have been established on the market and can be, at the moment, taken for free from Ework. Ework has seen a trend that more and more customers are very interested in this and some customers already have it as a requirement that the tests have been taken. This is interesting in respect to all parties as the customer wants a consultant that will perform well in the long run, doing a job that he or she can grow while doing. It is also important for us at Ework so that we can continue to make more effective matches with a higher degree of practicability. 
”It is important to note that a good match not only entails finding the right consultant for the assignment, but also finding the assignment for the consultant. Therefore we have included matching in the portal as part as service our consultants and suppliers can use to see recommendations for assignments and in this way quickly find assignments that fit” –Hampus Norén

From the 27th of April 2020 all assignments will be on our supplier portal 

In question to what the difference will be from the old portal in relation to the new one, main changes are in the structure of the accounts where the company will be given its own identity and act as a hub that the user can anchor itself to. If the company has more than one employee, each one has a personal user account that is tied to the company where they can work together around a profile etc. When a new colleague either starts or quits, it's also easier to add or remove a user. Another new feature is that the consultant profiles that the company creates can be tied to the company, while the individual consultant receives an invitation to register their own user account so that they can update and follow their own profile. 
As there now is a company identity, a wide overview of all consultants that the company has in Supplier Portal and what applications one has active is created and easily managed. One can search among profiles and find a specific consultant, either by name or even area of expertise or geographical location. The same goes for applicants where one can filter out the ones that the user is in charge of, and also the ones colleagues are currently managing. 

Easier to sign up, filter and get notifications

While creating a consultant profile, Ework wants to make it easier for the user and has therefore invested resources in creating a analytical CV-tool that can identify information from a CV-file and suggest information for the profile. This function is based on AI-technology and is updated continuously in order to be able to find more relevant information. 
“A design principal that we have when we are developing the new Supplier Portal is that we want it to be fast and easy to use, especially in relation to the registration and start up process . Because of this we have tried to keep the registration form to a minimum and made it possible for the users to register and log in using either their LinkedIn or Google account.” –Hampus Norén
Ework has a large amount of assignments concerning various roles and locations. In order for our network to easily follow the offerings, we have created opportunities to filter the list of assignments on several different parameters and also made it possible to save them to be able to easily apply them again next time. When saving a filter, you can also choose to receive email notifications when new assignments are added so that you do not miss anything.

Why can't we migrate existing consultants?

For several reasons this has not been possible. Ework also has a new account structure where both consultant managers and consultants have their own user accounts, and in this the companies have their own entity. As the structure of MyEwork differs significantly, it is extremely difficult to map data to the new structure. Many suppliers have also used general email addresses on the old account to be able to share it between their colleagues and now Ework is moving in a different direction.

Advantages with Eworks new Supplier portal

• Easier to sign up
• Better matching process; we make sure the right consultant gets the right assignment
• Better filters and design structure
• New account structure giving better manageability 
For further questions, please contact Hampus Norén, Facilitator within network development at hampus.noren@eworkgroup.com

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