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Get new assignments as a consultant - easier than ever


After many years of experience and the same number of clients always supplying the assignments, a consultant can easily start to hanker for change. But once you are used to a position, it may be difficult to find other client groups - and, not least, other projects. Here is how to get new assignments, and more easily than ever!

It is common for senior consultants to prefer an excessively bulky CV, covering everything they have done in what has become a long career. But with 20-30 years of experience, the whole of your working life in black and white can actually be more of a hindrance than a help. It is much easier for clients and consultant suppliers to quickly decide if you are the right person for the job if they do not have to slave through several pages of projects from the last decade.

An attractive and relevant CV is thus the first step in making it easy to win new assignments. One reasonable rule could be to include assignments, projects and roles from, say, the last 15 years - in a quality-based summary.


Be careful to keep this general and not too detailed. The first jobs you had when you were 21 are NOT relevant for your future.

Create an up-to-date consultant profile and become searchable

An updated CV will quickly give you a head start over other experienced consultants. It will clearly show that you are aware of your chief strengths and qualities, while significantly increasing your competitiveness - assuming your CV appears in the right context, of course.  So the next step is to create a digital consultant profile or update your already existing one. Consultant suppliers such as Ework have a simple profile function for presenting an introduction to yourself in combination with your CV. By this simple means you will be automatically searchable, and those doing the searches will be quickly able to decide whether you are the perfect person for their client inquiries.

If you have also selected search words in your profile which represent your strengths, knowledge and experience, your chances of being selected ahead of other consultants with a sprawling CV will be even greater. For instance, if you are a programmer, describe precisely which languages you master - not just that you have worked with development projects. When a client is looking for special knowledge, for instance in .net, you will then have a greater chance of being selected.

Save time by receiving selected proposed assignments

The primary advantage of uploading your CV and optimising your consultant profile with a consultant supplier is that you save lots of time which would otherwise be spent looking for new assignments in your own client groups. On the other hand, if you have recently registered with a consultant broker, it is an excellent idea to go ahead yourself and start looking for projects which seem suitable for you. Many suppliers have excellent search functions for simple identification of specific assignments.

Once you have been matched with a client and have started your first assignment, it will be a simple matter to carry on receiving new projects, with considerably less effort. In this way you will have established contact with both the consultant supplier and the client in question, making it easier to get new assignments regardless of how you intend to increase your experience. Through personal contact with the supplier, you embark on a direct route to new challenges and with direct assistance if, for example, you should feel an urge to change sectors.

Registering with a consultant supplier also means that you end up in a database in which your consultant profile can easily be matched to relevant client inquiries in the future.


This means that, at a later stage, you also have the benefit of personal mailshots of new, collected assignments which should fit like a glove. A small action on your part will have a large payoff!

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