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How things work at Ework


Registering with a consultant supplier is one of the easiest and most effective ways of working as a consultant. By doing so, you receive the correct guidance, from your first contact all the way through to assignment after assignment.

This is how it works, step by step!

Step 1: Set up a consultant profile

The main advantage of registering with a consultant supplier is that you have direct access to all the customer assignments available. For example, at Ework, we receive over 15,000 client inquiries every year - 15,000 opportunities for you to find your next assignment! As a first step we recommend you to create a consultant profile on the consultant supplier's website. It costs nothing to take part, and you will be immediately visible to all the specialists who match consultants with clients. At the same time you get a good overview of all current assignment, so just go ahead and browse!

Step 2: Get a personal contact and book your first meeting


When setting up your profile, it is always a good idea to make direct personal contact, in order to establish your presence once and for all. In the case of Ework, we have people in practically every location, the so-called network developers, who are working single-mindedly to find new consultants. Take the opportunity and book a meeting, so you can get a clear insight into how the process works. At the same time you will be able to present yourself and what you are interested in - making it easier for you to start exploring the territory and finding specific clients who would be a good fit for you.


A network developer has a comprehensive knowledge of the regions, the various skills areas and most of the clients with relevant assignments at the moment. If you are already on an assignment, it will still be an advantage to make personal contact with a consultant supplier, in order to define from the start what areas you wish to develop and focus on in the future.

Step 3: Look for assignments and get an interview

If you are immediately available, we would always encourage you to start searching directly. When you search, it is important to have your CV and consultant profile in good order - these are the key to winning assignments. When a client has an active inquiry, the processes are often so rapid that it is important to have a clear reason ready as to why you would be the ideal person for the assignment. Your application is received by the responsible sourcing partner who has comprehensive knowledge of the client. If this person notes that your profile is of interest for the assignment, you will often be contacted within a few days. If the timing is right, it can all happen very quickly!


When the sourcing partner phones you, you will receive more information about which client it is and whether they want anything more than is stated in the inquiry. Often, the advert will focus on technical knowhow - but the sourcing partner has a greater knowledge of the personal abilities which will be needed and which the client is implicitly looking for. A good match is necessary if both you and the client are to be happy, get on well and see long term prospects in the assignment!

Step 4: Draw up a contract and start work on the assignment


Once you have gone through the selection process, it is time to agree on your fee, your availability and other matters necessary for drawing up a contract. This is something you and your contact will settle before you can come and meet the client, ensuring that communication is clear and honest right from the start. In many cases, the details have been clarified so well that you can start work the very next day!


The procedures regarding contract drafting and administrative workflow are one of the best sides of the consultant broker's activities - as consultant, you do not have to worry about anything. The only thing you need to provide is your skills!

Step 5: Keep updated and get help - all the way through 

Once you are engaged on your assignment, things will normally flow very smoothly. Your contact at the broker will maintain constant dialogue and monitoring with both you and your client. At Ework we are eager to ensure you get started quickly, that you are properly inducted and that you get all you need to carry out your role. You will have a dedicated contact person who you can always consult and ask for help if any snags arise.

Your contact person is also the door into contract extensions or renewals with the client. It is very common for projects to be extended or for the same skills to be required internally in other sections. Some consultants can be several years with the same client, assuming several different roles during that time. Regardless of how your consultant role develops, your contact person is the key to conducting dialogue and drawing up new contracts and agreements.


All so as to make life easier for you, so you are able to focus on developing your experience - and to help your client achieve their goals!

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