How client-consultant matching works

By Jenny Musial, 25. Sep 2021


When you are embarking on a new assignment, there are often both essential and desirable requirements to be taken into consideration, whatever your starting point is. To make sure that both you and the client will reach a satisfactory conclusion in upcoming assignments the matching process is vital.

Here at Ework we work continuously on the matching process and this is how it works!

The 700 different client inquiries we receive at Ework each month mean that we always have access to the very best assignments, with huge variation of both clients and sectors. When a client sends in an inquiry for a project, the project requirements mainly determine what type of consultant they are looking for. 


Naturally, the main thing is to match the client with a consultant who has the skills they need. Here it is important to look at hard skills as well as soft skills. 

The foremost key to perfect matching is having an up-to-date CV and a complete consultant profile in our network. This makes it easier to find assignments which conform to experience and knowledge. Often, we start with your previous assignments, which means that if you have worked on a certain type of project for a particular client, you have a greater chance of winning similar assignments. Inquiries are also published directly on, so you have your own opportunity to search proactively for assignments of interest to you.

By joining Eworks' network, you also give us the opportunity to contact you directly when we have a client inquiry which seems to fit. One advantage of this is that you have the opportunity at an early stage to hear more about the client and decide whether the assignment is a tempting one.

A foot in the door quickly gives you the right assignments.
Once you have completed your assignment for a client, it is simple and easy to be selected for similar projects, either for the same client or in the same sector. When your assignment is nearing completion, we take the time to look at which new projects might suit you thereafter. The primary benefit is that you only need to be in contact with us at Ework, and that through our wide network, we in turn give you rapid access to a multitude of different clients.

By means of automated administration and help by our experienced professionals, you can move rapidly from assignment to assignment, while still enjoying the opportunity to make your own decisions and be a little choosy. In this way, you avoid having to approach the same client several times in a row, which is good if there are other areas you wish to explore. This gives better results, a more pleasant way to work and, not least, makes it easier for you to structure your free time as you wish.

The matching process - step by step

1. An inquiry arrives at Ework from the client
2. Ework carries out a search and matching procedure in our large network of Consultants. We focus a lot on Workstyles
3. We send an offer to the client
4. You are interviewed by the client
5. We draw up a contract between you and the client, which you then sign
6. You start work on the assignment
7. In some cases, the client extends the assignment
8. You complete your assignment
9. We are able to help you find your next assignment