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What started out as a thought at Ework two years ago is now a reality: a digital platform for everything relating to the procurement of consultancy services and the management of consultants. It means a minor revolution for
both Ework’s clients and for the industry as a whole.

This is an interview with Daniel Asvelius, Manager of Platform Services at Ework.

It's actually strange that no one has picked up on this until
now. There may have already been previous systems for
the procurement and management of consultants from giants like SAP, the supplier of business systems, or modest initiatives from small startups. But there hasn’t been anything in between.

Ework’s platform is called Verama and can be described as a combined HR and procurement tool, specially adapted for consultants, explains Daniel Asvelius, who is Business
Area Manager Platform Services at Ework and also led the development of Verama. The picture he paints of the way
many buyers of consultancy services work at present seems dated, but it is very much the way things are.


The whole process, from description of consultant requirement and the mailing out of enquiries until the
final invoice for the assignment has been paid, is more or less manual. Needs are formulated in Word documents, enquiries are sent by email and the whole process and the
status of consultants are logged in Excel documents. It is also not unusual for these to be sent around internally by email for regular updates.

“This is not only very time-consuming work, it also presents difficulties in complying with laws and regulations, not least those associated with GDPR,” says Daniel Asvelius.

Verama covers the whole process on one single platform, from formulation of needs to invoicing.

It creates unsurpassed efficiency as well as valuable
traceability, which is in many cases officially regulated.

“Public sector organisations in particular face major challenges when it comes to managing consultants,
including stricter requirements for traceability in their processes. We can make a major contribution
there, thanks to the new platform,” says Daniel Asvelius.

Ework has not developed Verama all on its own. To get it right from the outset and meet the specific needs
of clients, a decision was made at an early stage to collaborate with buyers of consultancy services. Even then,
two years ago, Daniel Asvelius and his colleagues realised that they had started something that would become
really big.

“The level of interest was much greater than we’d expected, and it also came from bigger companies than
we’d imagined,” he explains. So it was clear right from the outset that there was considerable interest in streamlining the procurement of consultancy services and managing
existing consultants. Daniel Asvelius is careful to point out that Verama extends way beyond Ework’s “own”

“We’re selling it as a free-standing platform as well, and see it as a way to be able to grow into new markets. In terms of both geography and sectors.” At the same time, he emphasises that Verama is only one of several digital
initiatives from Ework. At the same time as the development of the platform was initiated two years ago, the business area was created for which Daniel Asvelius is responsible, Platform

“We’re working on several fronts to drive digitalisation. Not only internally, to increase our own efficiency and quality, but also in the sector as a whole with the aid of various
platforms and tools.”


Verama is a cloudbased service that is purchased either
as part of Ework’s other offerings or as a free-standing

1. Request. For the GDPR-approved management
of the request process for consultants.
2. Contract. For contracting, attestation and management
of consultants requested.
3. Time & Expense. For the management of time sheets and
expense claims, and reconciliation against contracts concluded and purchase orders.

For further questions, please contact Daniel Asvelius, Manager of Platform Services at daniel.asvelius@eworkgroup.com

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