Does your company need consulting assistance for a specific period?

By Jenny Musial, 31. May 2022


Sometimes extra help is needed for a specific period of time. In such situations, a consultant might be the perfect fit. Hiring a consultant cuts the time needed when dealing with the technicalities of employment issues. So, simply, when the need for the extra help ends, so does the consultant’s assignment. Consultants are also a great fit for a project that requires specific skills that are not otherwise available within the company.

Specialist competence

An advantage to consultants is that you can quickly and easily get the specialist competence your company needs. This may be in the form of a new type of technology or just if you are in need of help for a temporary period of time. It can be very difficult in succeeding to hire someone with long work experience and suitable skills. It is then much easier to get a suitable expert through a consultant, especially if the work is only needed for a temporary period.

Plenty of skills throughout the country

No matter where your company is located, there are good opportunities to find the right consultant. The consulting industry in Sweden is very large and highly competent. In addition, a lot can be managed online, which makes it easier for companies based outside the larger cities, and when it comes to the big cities, it is even easier. In my long experience with digital productivity and trends of collaboration,  when it comes to remote work I find that most organizations are still either in the fairly early stages or have not committed enough yet to invest in full-blown strategies and enablement. Consequently, no matter who you are, there is usually considerable room to improve the digital employee experience when working outside the office – especially with experiences consultants.

Through Matched By Ework, we help companies with sourcing, matching and selection. When you have a need for individual consultants, Ework will help provide you with the ones with the right skills at the right price.

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